Research Topics

Research Topics2016-02-29T11:57:50+00:00

Research Areas

The Research Areas in our department are,

1- Electromagnetic Wave Propagation & Scattering
2- Microwave and Radar Antennas
3- Telecommunication / CDMA / WCDMA
4- Optical Channels and Atmospheric Turbulence
5- Free Space Optical (FSO) Communications
6- Design with FPGA
7- Smart Antenna Design (Supported from Ministery of Science, Industry, and Technology)
8- Visible Ligth Communication System (VLC)(Supported from Ministery of Science, Industry, and
9- Electronic Design with ARM processors

If you are interested in these areas, you can communicate with;

Res. Asst. Mert BAYRAKTAR, Project Coordinator
Electronics and Communication Engineering Department
Çankaya University, 06530