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Our daily life has been rapidly changing due to the technical innovations created by Electronic and Communication Engineers. Electronic and Communication Engineers, along with other technical professionals, are the locomotives of the development of the high technologies which are surrounding us. Therefore the world of Electronic and Communication Engineers is very dynamic and exciting.

Have you ever thought when you have driven a car, made a phone call, watched T.V., used ATM machine, used computer, or visited hospitals? Without the efforts of the Electronic and Communication Engineers many of these things couldn’t have been realized. Works would take much longer time, and cost more. Electronic and Communication Engineers design stereo, computer, remote control systems, microwave oven, and anything which uses electricity or electronics.

Electronic and Communication Engineers also contribute to the field of communications. For example fiber-optic communication, satellite T.V. systems, mobile phones, and other technical systems which transfer information from one place to other. In addition, control systems are developed by Electronic and Communication Engineers. For example, control systems for production of chemical substance and medicine, guiding planes and rockets, and for the production of the many other substances. These substances have been produced with very high precision and speed. Furthermore Electronic and Communication Engineers also design microelectronic components.